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30-Day Goals, Habits, and Resolutions Challenge

Another year has come or gone, and if you’re like most people, you may be looking at all you did not accomplish in 2017. Sadly, most of us focus more time on the negative and not nearly as much time celebrating the positive.

While you can set goals and resolutions at any time (and I highly recommend doing so!), January 1 is a natural time with its new month and new year to look at what you want to accomplish, create, do, manifest, and bring into your life.

Honestly, if you’re like most people and busy moms, you have SO much you want to do…. So much, in fact, that figuring out how to accomplish what is actually really important to you is overwhelming. 

Where do you start?

What actions do you take?

How do you keep going when you inevitably get to the point where you’ve lost some motivation? (And that happens to all of us, trust me.)

I’ve been unsuccessful at setting goals and resolutions before, probably like you and most people. 

I’ve found that the fervor that has me setting goals on January 1 usually dies down within weeks, if not just days. I need more support, structure, and even accountability to reach my goals. 

We all do.


That’s why I’m so passionate about the 30-Day Goals, Habits, and Resolutions Challenge… it’s a step-by-step system that’s easy to use and follow, with built-in support and community, designed to help you be successful in reaching your goals.

Starting January 1, 2018, I’m hosting a 30-Day Goals, Habits, and Resolutions Challenge to help you - and myself! - set and reach goals. I invite you to join me and others in this challenge - it’s my 2018 gift to you!

This is a powerful challenge to help you make resolutions and set goals in a productive way that sets you up for success. Resolutions don’t have to be something you give up on after a few weeks. Instead, I’ll teach you how to set smart goals and make resolutions that lead to positive, permanent change.


One of my passions is to empower busy moms to lead their families through their own personal growth. This 30-Day Goals, Habits, and Resolutions Challenge helps you reach your own goals as well as to guide your family in reaching theirs.


--Daily reminder with practical tips - you don’t have to do it alone.

--Concrete actions to manifest a somewhat abstract goal - in other words, you have a goal…. How do you make it happen? This 30-Day Challenge will guide you step-by-step to help you make your goals happen.

--Attention and reflection on your goals - bring your goals into the forefront of your day instead of just being in the background (“Oh yeah, I meant to work on that today….”)

--You will take action with intention - setting goals and taking daily, prioritized action steps.

--Resources and information to go deeper in the various areas of motivation, SMART goals, success tips, visualization, pitfalls to watch out for, and so much more.


--One email every day of the 30-Day Challenge to keep you on track and accountable. Essential, it’s virtual hand-holding to help you reach your goals.

--A private Facebook group with other 30-Day Challenge members so that you can give and receive support in the 30-Day Goals, Habits, and Resolutions Challenge community.

--Bonus: excerpt from the This Is the Life I Choose Planner and Journal to help you reach your first goal.


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I’m really looking forward to these 30 days - reaching my goals and helping you reach yours.

Here's to a powerful 30 days and helping you reach your goals! 

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P.S. This is a great challenge, not only for you, 
but also for your teens. 

Imagine the power of doing the 
30-Day Goals, Habits, and Resolutions Challenge 
together as a family! 

Each of you in your family can join the challenge 
and participate individually and together! 

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